Fighting For Your Safety and Respect

I want to start by thanking you once again for the critical role you are playing during this COVID-19 pandemic. The dedication you show to your patients, clients and residents is an inspiration to the world. While others step back, you are stepping up -that’s why your union continues to fight for your safety and security.

At SEIU Healthcare, our number one priority is your safety. Since the outbreak was confirmed in Ontario on January 25, 2020, we’ve been demanding that the government and your employers provide you with the personal protective equipment (PPE) you need to safely do your jobs. You can join us and the thousands of other union members who have also contributed to that effort by sending an email to the Premier and Health Minister by clicking here.

In addition, through your union lawyers, we sent a notice to all healthcare providers to remind them of their obligations as employers to keep you safe.

We have also been working on the implementation of a hardship allowance, otherwise known as hazard pay. You are on the frontline of the war on COVID-19 and employers have a duty to recognize the increased dangers essential workers face while working during this pandemic.

We won’t stop until you have the support you deserve to be safe and secure.

As a reminder, if you feel that your work has become unsafe or that your rights have been violated, immediately contact your union representative, steward or Member Resource Centre (1-877-672-7348).

Starting on Monday, March 30, we will be expanding the MRC to offer dedicated COVID-19 support, including issues involving health and safety, mental health, applying for financial benefits/assistance, and nursing/professional practice. This is just another way we are working to support you and your family during this uncertain time.

We have also set up a dedicated website for COVID-19 that includes all our updates, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and many resources that may help you during this difficult time. You can access it by visiting

Once again, thank you for your continued strength, resilience, and dedication. We are proud to fight on your behalf and will continue to keep you updated.


Sharleen Stewart
President, SEIU Healthcare